Event Sourcing Illustration

Event Sourcing
in Laravel By SPATIE

A hands-on course to start using event sourcing in large apps
Event Sourcing Cover
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Learn how to implement Event Sourcing ? in large Laravel applications in this extended course by Brent Roose from Spatie.

A complete course, including:

More than 200 pages in PDF and ePUB
Demo App
A full functioning shopping cart
A pro version of laravel-event-sourcing
About 2 hours of footage on how to build an event sourcing framework

Launching June 2021

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Event Sourcing Illustration

A multi-dimensional course

  • Ebook

    An extensive book with more than 200 pages, beautifully designed and illustrated. The book will be available in ePUB and PDF. We'll cover everything related to event sourcing and event-driven design: from the basics of an event-driven mindset to complex event sourcing patterns like CQRS, event versioning and state management.

  • Demo App

    Throughout the book we'll build a shopping cart that's more than simplified sample code. It's real code for real applications. You can use it to bootstrap your next big event sourcing project.

  • Package

    The laravel-event-sourcing pro package, including a polished new API and much more functionality including event queries, aggregate partials and more.

  • Videos

    In about 2 hours of video, we build an event sourcing framework from scratch. The book teaches you how to use event sourcing in real applications, and the video course teaches you about the behind-the-scenes.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Starting with Event Sourcing
Part 1

The Basics

  1. Event Driven Design
  2. The Event Bus
  3. Events
  4. Modelling the World
  5. Storing and Projecting Events
  6. Projectors in Depth
  7. Event Queries
  8. Reactors
  9. Aggregate Roots
Part 2

Advanced Patterns

  1. State Management in Aggregate Roots
  2. Partial Aggregate Roots
  3. State Machines with Aggregate Partials
  4. The Command Bus
  5. CQRS
  6. Sagas
Part 3

Challenges with Event Sourcing

  1. Event Versioning
  2. Snapshotting
  3. Microservices
  4. Partial Event Sourcing
  5. Deployment Strategies
  6. Notes on Event Storming

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